2021 11.03 Wed

2年ぶりに錦秋大伽藍お練り法会が執り行われました / “Kinshu Daigaran Onerihoukai” (literally Daigaran Autumn Buddhist Pilgrimage)









The “Kinshu Daigaran

Onerihoukai” (literally Daigaran Autumn Buddhist Pilgrimage) is an event held on November 3rd every year in Mount Koya.

A monk wearing Bud

dhist stole will walk (parades) from Kongobuji Head Temple towards the Kondo Hall of Danjogaran Temple via Jabaramichi (a winding trail) with beautiful maple leaves, while performing the rite of scattering flowers (scatter heart-shaped colored paper).

Last year, the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandem

ic, but this year, many visitors who had been waiting for the event were able to gather and pray together for the end of plague and sound health.

Next year, please come to Mount Koya in the autumn with beautiful leaves to see the parade.


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