2020 3.01 Sun

令和二年の火まつりが開催されました “Koya Fire Festival Daisaitogomaku” 2020

毎年三月の第一日曜日は「高野の火まつり 柴燈大護摩供」が開催されます。



“全国的に日常生活ですら不安を抱える方々が日々増えていく現状を考えこの度の柴燈大護摩供は、社会の安寧、皆様の安心を祈念し『疫病退散』『無病息災』『病気平癒』併せて『高野山春の山開き・全国霊場開き・参拝安全祈願』を勤めさせていただく決断をいたしました。引用:一般社団法人 高野山観光協会



The “Koya Fire Festival Daisaitogomaku”is held every year on the first Sunday of March.

It is a customary ceremony in Koya to announce that spring has come finaly after a long and harsh winter, praying for the “start of mountain-climbing season in the spring in Koyasan” and “opening of sacred places nationwide/ prayer for safe worship”.

Although the cancelation of the event was considered due to the nationwide spread of the Coronavirus this year, festival was held safely by the judgement made by the “Fire festival executive committee”
“Fire festival executive committee” official comment
In light of the current situation where people nationwide who are apprehensive in their daily life increases every day, it has been decided that a prayer was to take place for the well-being of the society and piece of mind of everyone, along with “plague eradication”, “good health”, “cure of illness” as well as for the [start of mountain-climbing season in the spring in Koyasan/ opening of sacred places nationwide/ prayer for safe worship].
Reference: General Incorporated Association Koyasan Tourism Association


At the venue, a barrier has been set up
the four sides surrounded by ropes and in the center of the barrier
there was a 2 meter high Gomadan.


The start of the ceremony was signaled by the sound of a trumpet shell by a monk in the form of Yamabushi.


While a monk chanting Hanya Shingyo, the Yamabushi released a Hamaya-arrow to set fire on the Homa-mandala (fire altar).





The Yamabushi threw a prayer tag into the gomadan one after another and a red flame soared high in the sky.

Especially this year, the prayer was for

-plague eradication
-good health
-cure of illness

and through these prayers
we prayed for everyone to be able to have calm and peaceful days.

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