Eko (memorial service) ,Kito (prayers) , Eitai Kuyo (memorial service for a longer period)

We provide service of Eko (memorial service) for ancestors, Kito (prayers) for wishes to come true, and Eitai Kuyo (memorial service for a longer period) here in Koyasan Jokiin.

Eko (memorial service)

Daily Eko service
Higan Ceremony in spring and fall
Urabon-e (Feast of Lanterns)
Death anniversary
Annual memorial service

Kito (prayers)

New Year’s Prayer
Setsubun Ritual (Hoshi Matsuri for bringing good luck and warding off evil)
Peace and prosperity in the household
Safe childbirth
Warding off evil and inviting good luck
Traffic safety
Maritime safety
Thriving business
Fulfilling desire of the heart
Better fortune
Good match in relationship
Recovery from illness
Accomplishing good employment

Eitai kuyo (memorial service for a longer period)

For those who worry about the memorial service or the life after death, Jokiin Shinei-kai invites them to join in during their lifetime and Koyasan Jokiin will be responsible for the Eko (Eitai kuyo) after the death.

Koyasan Jokiin also provide the service of Eitai eko (permanent memorial service) for those who worry about after the life after death even though there are family members and relatives around.

For those who only have very few relatives and worry about the funeral after the death, Koyasan Jokiin will receive the remains or ashes and handle the funeral carefully as per requested during one's lifetime.

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Sutra CDs

Shomyo JPY3,000

Unlike sutras, "San" is Shingon (mantra) with syllables to praise a specific Buddha.
It is called Shomyo.
Shomyo been chanted in our morning ceremony.

Heart Sutra JPY3,000

Rishukyo JPY3,000

A part of Shingon Sect. Kongocho-kyo (Vajrasekhara Sutra), consisting of 17 acts.
Risyukyo has been chanted in our morning ceremony.


Protective/Good luck JPY500

Safe delivery (paper) JPY500

Long life JPY500

Safe driving JPY500

Jizo JPY500

Safe Driving (wood) JPY1,000

Jizo JPY1,000

maternity belt

Jizo maternity belt to pray for safe delivery JPY3,000

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