Stay at temple

15:00 to 17:30
Arrival at Jokiin

Welcome to Koyasan Jokiin.
We would like to show you around the temple and your room.

Please enjoy your free time before dinner. It would be our pleasure if you can worship at each temple in Koyasan, stroll around Jokiin, and feel the endless breath of Saint Kobo Daishi in Koyasan.

From Jokiin,
1 minute walk to the Grand Head Temple: Kongobu-ji Temple
5 minute-walk to Danjo Garan Sacred Temple (the precinct for religious practices) or Konpon Daito Pagoda
20 minute-walk to the entrance of the Okunoin Temple
40 minute-walk to the shrine of Saint Kobo Daishi at the inmost corner of the Okunoin Temple

16:30 to 22:00 (April to November), 16:30 to 1:30 (December to March) 
The large public bath is available.

*Some water in the large public bath comes from the mountains. The water may be impure as effected by the weather.
Though it is harmless to human body, please refrain from drinking it.

17:30 to 18:00
Dinner will be served at the room.

*All meals are vegetarian. Does not contain meat, fish, egg, and dairy products.
If you are allergic to seaweed, mushroom, sesame, or gluten, etc., please let the temple office know in advance
In addition, we will change the menu if you inform us about the food allergy 2 days in advance.

Gate will be closed

*The main gate will be closed. It is not possible to go outside at night until 5:30 in the next morning.

Next morning 5:30 to 9:00
Shower rooms are available. (Only in summertime)

*The large public bath is not available in the morning. Only the shower rooms separated from the large public bath is available. 

Morning Ceremony

We preach morning sermons at the main hall every morning.
All of our guests can participate.

Gongyo Procedure


Unlike sutras, "San" is Shingon (mantra) with syllables to praise a specific Buddha.
It is called Shomyo.


A part of Shingon Sect. Kongocho-kyo (Vajrasekhara Sutra), consisting of 17 acts.


Same as Zensan.


We recite a sutra called "Sangai Zuiki" to hold memorial service for ancestors.


We recite specific Buddhas names such as Jizo Bosatsu (Jizo Bodhisattva) or Fudo Myoo (Acala) with the intention of "becoming a devout believer".


Good morning. Breakfast will be served in the large hall to all guests staying at Jokiin together. Each grain of rice is filled with energy of thousands of people, each drop of water is filled with blessings from heaven and earth. Let us enjoy our meal with appreciation.


*We can keep your car or luggage even after check-out. Please feel free to ask us.

Sutra Copying

Among the numerous sutras of Buddhism, the Hannya Shinkyo (Heart of Great Perfect Wisdom Sutra) has been familiar to many people and spiritual nourishment.
It preaches about the noble heart of Buddha, therefore it is titled “Shinkyo” (Heart Sutra). The number of letters are only 262, and it is a kind of short sutra, but Hannya Shinkyo contains the summary of the essence of Buddhism. The Kobo daishi has preached that this was the quite grateful sutra since Dainichi (Mahavairocana), Shaka (Shakyamuni), Hannya (Prajna), Monju (Manjusri), and each Fugen Bosatsu (Samantabhadra), or other saints would appear our eyes and save us if we transcribed and recited the Sutra with our whole heart.

With the advancement of science, society has been remarkably developed, but we think our hardship and worries has been increasing more than ever. We recommend you to transcribe a Sutra, to lead a religious life, and to live by following teachings Buddha acquired.

Fee: 200 yen (If you wish experience sutra copying, the fee is 1,000 yen.)

Shojin Cuisine

The meals served at Mount Koya’s shukubo are based on the Buddhist Cuisine that sustains monks undergoing severe training. They are simple dishes that value “five ways, five flavors & five colors” and are cooked with seasonal ingredients & with the best effort so that their delicious tastes can be appreciated.

Five ways (cooking methods): raw, simmered, grilled, fried, steamed
Five flavors: sweet, salty, sour, spicy, bitter
Five colors: white, black, red, yellow, blue (green)

The power of ten thousand people is contained in a single grain of rice.
The grace of heaven and earth is contained in a single drop of water.
Let’s all appreciate the food.

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